My name is Katharina Gröger, but most of the people just call me Kathi. I am 27 years old and I am currently living in Cologne, Germany, together with Cheka. Our home is in the district Niehl in the north of Cologne which is relatively close to the centre of the city, but also contains lots of nature. Our flat is near the river Rhine and the "Niehler and Riehler Auen" are in close vicinity. There we often go for long walks or tours by bike in endless meadows, little forests and beaches meeting lots of small and big dogs of all races and making new aquaintances.

I love to move in nature in any weather, so Cheka and me are often found outside. I like jogging, cycling and inline skating and Cheka likes running by my side - no matter what I do. He is a really good companion and I enjoy it every day to have him with me! Dogs have always been playing an important role in my life, since I was accompanied by dogs since I was 3 years old.

At this point I want to mention Jani and Csáki who are the dogs that accompanied my childhood and youth. I am thinking of both of you very often and will never forget you!!! Thank you so much for everything that you gave to me!!!


*1989-10-06 +2003

Csákó vom Stamm der Normaden

*2003-08-04 +2008


In terms of my career I specialised in renewable energy and efficient and environmentally friendly energy systems for buildings. Because of my job, Cheka and me have landed here in Cologne for the time being. And we both feel very comfortable here, although we are missing the mountains.

My hobbies are all sorts of sports - especially the ones that I can practice with Cheka (running, cycling, inline skating...) and volleyball and beachvolleyball. Furthermore I enjoy reading very much. My newest hobby since the end of last year is geocaching, another hobby that I can persue together with Cheka.

Here are some photos of Cheka and the rest of the family:

My brother Hennes with Cheka

Hannes' girlfriend Mimi with one of Cheka's puppies

My mother Sigi cycling with Cheka

Me and Cheka's puppies of the Vutuzane H-litter


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